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Our investment portfolio in 2016 included the following companies.

Peer-to-Peer Lending Made Easy

Orca Money  helps retail investors to compare peer-to-peer (P2P) lending opportunities, empowering them to make informed investment decisions. Orca Money’s goal is simple: to help savers and investors make smart investment decisions and earn higher interest rates from lending their money to individuals or businesses through UK P2P platforms.
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Disrupting Pedestrian Built Environments

It is Pavanu’s aim to disrupt and influence how the pedestrian built environment is built, developed and maintained, our goal is to ensure everybody regardless of their circumstance, age or ability have the opportunity to live the lives they wish to live without fear of the path that lies ahead. We created a way to gather data and analytics about issues with accessibility and safety in the pedestrian areas.It will enable our customers to save hundreds of millions of euros and significantly reduce risk of injuries while increasing safety and accessibility of our built environments.

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Streamline Donation Management & Uncover Your Community Impact

Thrive helps companies turn their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities into amazing PR  and marketing opportunities. Building their brand and profits from activity they are already doing.  Thrive’s online platform enables business to:

  • Easily select community CSR projects to support (saving significant admin time)
  • Track and measure the real impact of these projects in the community
  • Gather amazing photos and stories to boost PR across all existing marketing channel
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Identify and Engage Event Influencers

Glistrr enables event organisers to collectintelligence on their customers and act on it, as well as uniquely enabling them to identify influencers within their customer base and better engage with them. Glistrr currently has 50 clients, operating in over 110 venues, spread across UK, Ireland and USA and has processed over 1.5m guests.

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Accelerate the borrowing process for SME’s

ProfitBees is a creative software company that has crafted a cloud based platform designed to accelerate the borrowing process for Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) through a standardised template for financial projections. e have built simple and user friendly interfaces, allowing them to compile their own ‘Credit-Worthy’ Projections in minutes, to an industry accepted standard.

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We send billions of messages every day

Communication is getting shorter. We use email to send messages over laptops, Twitter to communicate over smartphones, what is the best messaging tool for the wearable generation? Chill is the fastest way to communicate without text or voice. Messaging is becoming a dominant online activity beating social media. We send billions messages a day. The wearable market is also growing and is expected to be doubling its volume every year for the next few years  reaching 100m users by 2019.